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Game changer

I was suffering from chronic body pain since forever. This changed my life. I’m more active and able to do day to day activity like a normal human being. Thank you so so much !

A boon for my mom 82 years with 20+ years of nueropathich pain in her feet and soles of her feet

Most days mom had disabling pain even with painkillers, now after using this twice a day once in the morning and night the pain is managable and she is much more mobile and active and she a change in her mood as she is not as irritated and frustrated with the nagging pain. Thank you very very much for such a product. she is on her third bottle as she uses it daily and has become a part of her routine.

Muscle relief CBD oil

Quite effective in reducing the severity of pain , I also use it to massage my soles of the feet whenever I have difficulty in sleeping, gives me a sound sleep after that

Hemp Seed Oil- 500ml
Afsarjahan Thakur
Its working!!

I had faith in hemp since 2014 when i started using it, and it worked everywhere from my mom's hairfall to uncle's paralyzed legs.
Seed oil reduced my mums hairfall within a month. She wants to continue with this further.
Thanks boheco for making such sustainability easily available to us.

Helped me fix my sleep

I was facing issues with sleep anxiety ever since I moved to a new place, and I also had recurrent PMS issues for which I was recommended CBD oil in the past and I tried other brands. But then I got introduced to Boheco and I tried their CannaReleaf stess management oil. It has worked wonders in such a short time.. I sleep deep and like a baby and wake up fresh. Its my first bottle and my my Pms symptoms have been really mild in this cycle. Its helped me so much that i would recommend it to anyone facing sleep issues. I also feel really calm and have an overall sense of well being. I can’t thank Boheco enough for making such amazing and high quality products that actually work❤️

Noticeable relief!

I gifted this to my father since he generally has shoulder or joint pains. He used them for his knees and was satisfied with immediate effect. Since its a new experience using a CBD oil, he was skeptical but after using it he appreciated the pain relief in his knees as well as recommended it to a few people. This also made him look at the other kind of products on BOHECO Life. Thanks.

Prompt customer service,though delayed by courier company,they arranged another parcel to avoid inconvinience. Thanks

Hemp Seed Oil- 500ml
Siddharth Barthwal

Very good quality and very economical price

Surprised to see how well it works!!

My daughter got me this oil and after she told me what it was I took a whole week to try it. In a few days I felt it’s effect…it helped relieve my pain. This is my second bottle. This has worked for my arthritis more than anything else to be honest.

Great products!

I love this combo. Thank you for good quality products.

Hemp Pocket Pack


Love it!

Haven't used the hemp powder yet, but I love the hemp seeds. I use two spoonsful daily as an add-on to my oats and it's just so delicious.

Hemp Hearts- 100g
Saurabh Rajput

Hemp Hearts- 100g

Life saver for migraine

This is my 3rd purchase and honestly this was so effective that I stopped taking it after 3 months and embarrassingly felt invincible. Bit yeah migraine is just a lifestyle issue that has to be controlled not a infection something that you can get rid of. But I have been told it works differently for different people. This brings about an overall change in your body apart from making migraine lighter along with fewer and further apart. Try it if you are scared to take analgesics which you should be and have frequent migraine etc. I don’t know about the other uses, can only speak from experience.

Hemp Seed Oil- 250ml
Athira Nair
Lovely experience

I am personally a happy customer... love the oil... does wonders... 1🤩

Immunity Booster - 60 Capsules

First CBD experience and super worth it

So I ordered CannaReleaf - Arthritis Pain for my grandmother and she is 83 currently. She used sole medication for her pain on wrist and finger joints as she couldn’t use her left hand to do moderately heavy works. After using the oil for 11 days and massaging it around her hand and arm she could start using her hands for doing all her minimal daily chores now. The whole idea is to be consistent with the product to be effective. It was a miracle for all of us to understand the product, took some days but no miracle happens in one day itself. :) Totally recommended for pain relief.

Canna relief oil

Excellent product. Has provided a lot of relief to my mother.

Excellent product

Finest and smoothest grinded hemp seed powder.

Hemp Seed Oil- 250ml
Rayan Rahul D Souza Souza

The oil is great.

Hemp Seed Powder- 500g
Surendramohan Singh
Excellent effect of hemp seed oil

Boheco hemp seed oil oral consumption helped increase energy level, reduced body inflammation and destressed my body. Review is excellent result

Hemp Seed Powder- 100g
Avijit Mohanty

Hemp Seed Powder- 100g

CannaReleaf™ - Skin HealthCBD Oil - 100ml
Manish Barai

Boheco Hemp products are excellent, I have used Canna Relisf, Canna Skin care, Canna sublingual drops, Canna hearts (hemp seeds crushed). As an Accupuncture Dr. I feel the hemps seeds milk is a superb medicine for those looking for Natural Proteins source.

Hemp Hearts- 100g
Archana Maharaj

Hemp Hearts- 100g