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The Ancient Legend on a Modern Journey

Your Wellbeing, Our Mission

Wellbeing means a happy, healthy & satisfied you. From highest quality products to maximum benefit in your lifestyle, our mission is not just your good health but "your wellbeing at every step".

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BOHECO Life Champions

In today's sedentary lifestyle, it's even more important to take good care of your own self. 

BOHECO Life Champions show us how they care for their health and well being, and the secret to stay energised all day!

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A Day with Paloma
Surfer, Model, DJ & Nature Lover
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A Day with Kimberley
Health Coach, Nutritionist & Plant Lover
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I was extremely excited when I found out about BOHECO LIFE through Instagram. Your products are amazing and my absolute favourite is the hemp seed oil. I use it on my skin on a daily basis and on a weekly basis on my hair as well. The quality is so good. Absolutely looking forward to buying a new batch once my bottle is over. For the quality of the products, you're providing I feel like the prices are absolutely worth every penny.

Gayatri Mohan Stylist Model
Gayatri Mohan | Stylist/Model

I was ecstatic when I got to know this wonder grass has wayyy more uses than just the one ;) Now I use it inside out, whether it’s for my skin and hair or for delicious dressings!  Hemp is one stop for a wholesome source of nutrition, Abso-f^in-lutely!

Pareen Sachdeva Academician Activist
Pareen Sachdeva | Academician/Activist

I've been a regular user of hemp powder and hulled hemp seed hearts for 6 months. I needed a better option for supplements because I went vegetarian. Since using the powder and seed hearts I've seen a gradual yet consistent improvement in my activity and energy. It's said to be a superfood for a reason and I recommend it for people doing martial arts or working out or not working out alike, for a daily dose of holistic nutrients. Hemp is one stop for a wholesome source of nutrition.

Aditya Shenoy MMA Professional
Aditya Shenoy | MMA Professional

I had been jumping between work and workouts and wanted a source of protein I could consume fast. I didn't want to take the processed proteins available in the market and wanted something natural as I try keeping my body as clean as possible and wanted to reduce my dairy intake as well as I'm on my way to a vegan lifestyle. I had read about hemp protein but had never really had an opportunity to try any and one day my girlfriend surprised me with a BOHECO. I was so excited to try it that I instantly opened the pack to try some. It takes a while to get used to the flavour but considering the amount it helps I would be completely fine with the taste. I feel it is worth it, as I feel it's a superfood.

Sahil Gardner Fitness Coach
Sahil Able Gardner | Fitness Coach

Hemp is incredibly nutritious. It's also rich in healthy fats and high quality protein. I enjoyed using the hemp seeds and powder in my smoothies and loved using hemp seed oil for my salads, skincare and haircare 💓  Hemp has excellent wholesome nutritional value. So, it's definitely cost-effective.

Pooja Rathore Anima Rights Activist
Pooja Rathore | Animal Rights Activist

Hemp in seeds or ground form has been a prime part of my supplement as it’s a really great source of complete protein which I need for my muscle strength and recovery. I mix my ground hemp seed powder with my GNC whey protein to get more complete macronutrients as hemp contains a good amount of soluble fibre and essential oil too. It’s expensive but totally worth the bucks coz what it does to my physique. I am 53 and train hard and eat right. Check out my profile on Instagram and Facebook and you can see why I am a Pro Hemp user.

Nishriin Parekh Bodybuilder
Nishriin Parikh | Founder- Yogastrength Warriors

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