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Great Product, truly helps in Arthritis pains

Have tried this myself to see if it works, it did wonders, then got it to my parents, Applying daily 2 times, has helped them to walk more with less pain.

Have been recommending this to all my friend's parents.

CannaReleaf™ - Arthritis Pain<br/>CBD Oil - 50ml

Order for your elders they need it badly

Amazing product

It's great

Love how versatile it is, can be used with anything almost, nice earthy taste to match it's wonderful health properties.

Hemp Seed Powder- 1kg

Very good quality vegan protein

What a lovely product!

This oil definitely solved a lot of problems for me. I experienced severe rashes this summer quite unexpectedly (thanks, heat). Applying this oil not only reduced inflammation but also made the whole thing go away in a couple of weeks! It’s a must have for everyone, rashes or no rashes.

Nerve pain management

I was diagnosed with Parasthesia last year and ever since the quality of my life became really bad. The bouts of pain had made life difficult. Ever since I started taking the Pain management oil as prescribed by the CareAyu doctor, my pain has become more manageable. It isnt all gone but very better. I look forward to healing myself completely. 😊

the hemp protein added as an ingredient to food delivers a balanced diet
the hemp oil and hemp hearts was very good for pup; very good coat

Hemp Seed Oil- 250ml
Naina Panemanglor
Loved it

Enjoying the hemp oil. Using it in skincare products and its fantastic.

Rustic Art Organic Invigorating Under Eye Fluid with Hemp

Great product, good packaging and completely worthy of the price. Have been using it daily for a little over 2 weeks now, on my skin and I see good results.

The best

I have been using BOHECO hemp oil and cannabis wellness and pain management products. The brand products quality is the best.



Excellent product

Works very well.

Mom is in love

Mom told me she got much relieved after using the oil. She use it regularly and she is loving it.

Hemp Seed Oil- 250ml
Nikkhil Thankappann
Product and Services

Extremely happy with the product and the services. I am sure this organization is truly committed to what they are doing and taking care of the customer demand. Keep up the good work.

Kneeded some relief

I have a recurrent inflammation in my knees. The orthopaedic surgeon says it doesnt require medical intervention. But it's real, and persistent. A light, nightly rub helps, and I sleep longer, too.

Hemp Seed Oil- 250ml
Ganesh Aithal
Hemp Seed Oil

The oil has no After taste, drinking a cup of warm water helps.... I am able to catch good sleep after having this, which is such a blessing.

Soothing product

Cinnamon Rosemary Shampoo Butter with Hemp has been great so far, it gives my hair a very soft texture and is very comfortable to use. Added, it gives me a good sleep post washing my hair, so a win win. Would definitely recommend this product!

Hemp Hearts- 500g
Priyanka Khurana
Superb quality & taste 👍

Nice quality and taste .

The best pain relief and anti-inflammatory oil you can get, helped my mother recover faster from ...

So being acquainted with the many benefits of the wonder plant called Cannabis, I ordered this oil for my mom who earlier had Arthritis pain which became worse as extreme weakness, walking difficulties and pain in her legs as she got infected with COVID-19 and was on ICU for around 20 days, and since the first day of her usage she is feeling very relaxed and now, by the blessings of this wonderful oil and God, she is regaining her strength little by little every day and now she won't go a day without applying this oil on her legs, ankles and arms. Thank you Boheco for the wonderful service you are doing to Indian Population by providing these healing products.


I ordered hemp seeds from Boheco in 2020 for the first time, and there's no stopping since then. We use it almost everyday in our breakfast, one spoon sprinkled over and relish its nutty flavour in each bite. Health packed in small seeds. Totally Recommended!

Best of bestest

I have ordered oil but dint get it due to coivd and then mailed and ordered two more…the best thing was i took all three products without second thought…i feel your company should maintain the consistent quality even if you have loads of orders.

Hemp Seed Oil- 250ml
Chinmay Anand
Really awesome

Very moisturising and good quality and value for money