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Delivered smoothly. Reliable.

Worked wonders on my cystic Acne

I have been using hemp seed oil for over half a year now. I suffer from hypothyroidism resulting which (post stress days , I get eruptions around my chin. I am regular with 1 tablespoon with warm water before bed(helps with my insomnia somehow) and use it as a massage oil post bedtime. My eruption have cut down upto 80%, considering I have super sensitive skin and have been suffering from pityriasis rosea all my teenage and adult life and plus is that I am having regular bowel moments in the morning (trust me that’s a blessing as constipation is a common side effect in thyroid ) and my skin is visibly moisturised and plump. I will stick to this elixir forever .

Hemp Seed Oil- 250ml

Nice Experience

Having hemp hearts gives sense of well being

CannaReleaf™ - Arthritis Pain<br/>CBD Oil - 100ml

Despite no THC I'm addicted to this Hemp seed oil 😬

This hemp seed oil is ❤️. Perfect for consumption as well as for use on the skin and hair. I take one tbsp of hemp seed oil everyday and it has helped me tremendously in tackling digestive issues. I use it on my acne prone skin and on active acne too. So far the best use for me personally is on my hair. Hemp oil makes my hair silky smooth and healthy. My love for Hemp has increased many folds after using this oil.

CannaReleaf™ - Pain Management (10ml) Cinnamon & Fennel Flavour

Satisfactory product.

Hemp Hearts- 100g

Excellent product, thank you! I will be purchasing again



Hemp Seed Oil- 500ml

I love the Hemp oil which I have been using as a massage oil, consuming it, skin moisturizer, muscle pain reliever and salad oil......Itz the healthiest oil I've ever used and thank you for making it available in the beautifully designed bottle🙏🙏

Great product


It has been an amazing choice for me to be starting on hemp protein. The effects are pretty evident and it only took a week for the change to start. Now I am more active and spend the day with a clear mind. A little workout and a spoonful of hemp energizes me all day long and I do not experience fatigue any longer. Wish to continue using it.

Hemp Hearts- 250g

Good taste

Have it with oatmilk, nothing else needed.

Magic balm

Magic balm for both dogs and humans.

Hemp Seed Powder- 500g

Arthritis pain oil

I have yet to test it. Ss i have to give it to the patient. Meanwhile i eant to buy the stress relief cbd oil for myself and my mother. I am suffering from chronic depression and anxiety. And my mother has trigeminal neuralgia


Yeah, whatever i have studied up there is amazing to know. I had gone about Cannabis and its uses is wonderful.

Hemp Seed Powder- 1kg

Right medicine for many like me

The new formulation is very comfortable to use as one needs to take less number of drops orally. Wonderful research went into the design of this variant. I've been an insomniac for many years till now, Now I am able to have a night of perfect sleep which is doing wonders to my general health. The medicine delivery also happens very promptly. This product is also regularly stocked which is really helpful.