FAQs on Hemp Hearts

What are Hemp Hearts?
  • Hemp Seeds have been famously called Hemp Hearts.  Hemp Seeds are derived from the Hemp Plant also known as Cannabis Sativa L.


What are hemp seeds health benefits?
  • Hemp Seeds are known to be a wholesome source of plant-based nutrition.
  • Hemp Hearts benefits include-
    • Boosts Energy Levels
    • Assists in Weight Loss
    • Maintains Normal Cholesterol Levels
    • Acts as an anti-inflammatory
    • Builds Immunity
    • Maintains Hormonal Balance
    • Improves Cardio Vascular Health
    • Aids Muscle Function.


What are hemp seeds side effects?
  • Hemp Seeds also known as Hemp Hearts are a wholesome source of nutrition. Hemp seeds side effects have not been witnessed.


What is hemp seeds called in hindi?
  • Hemp Seeds in Hindi are called "bhaang ke beej".


What are some popular hemp seeds recipes?
  • Checkout BOHECO Life Blog to know more.


Where to buy hemp seeds online?


Can I cook with Hemp Hearts?
  • Hemp hearts are best consumed raw or sprinkled over your favourite food smoothies and juices. This preserves the nutrition present in the seed’s natural element. You can experiment with your recipes by including Hemp hearts.


Do Hemp Seeds contain THC?
  • Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight which is the norm set by governments around the globe. This amount of THC is not enough to create a psychoactive effect, and this has been verified by multiple food research institutions globally.


Do Hemp Seeds contain Cannabidiol (CBD)?
  • Cannabidiol is produced within the flower of the cannabis plant. Therefore, hemp seeds also have a negligible percentage of CBD.


Can Hemp products cause intoxication?
  • No, you cannot get intoxicated by consuming Hemp products. This is because THC(which is the psychoactive factor responsible for creating the euphoria or high) is negligible. Our hemp seeds go through a rigorous cleaning process and we also conduct several tests on every batch of hemp seed before packaging. This is also backed by validated results which show that the amount of THC present in the product is well within the safety limits and norms.


Is it safe for pregnant women to consume Hemp?
  • We recommend you consult a physician. Hemp contains numerous nutrients, including folic acid, so it could be a nutritious and delicious addition to expectant mothers’ diets.


Is it safe for children to consume Hemp?
  • We recommend that you consult a physician and take into consideration the child’s age and body weight while determining the portions.


What would be the correct dosage of Hemp Products?
  • We recommend that one consults a physician/nutritionist.


Where does Hemp originally come from?
  • Hemp is indigenous to the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. It is where the plant was said to have originated and from there it’s wonders were eventually noticed and then spread through continents.


How is Hemp helping the farmers?
  • An increasing number of farmers are leaving the agricultural haven that exists in the Himalayas to work in cities. Hemp grows fast with the least intervention and has about *25,000 proven usages. Farmers will stand to benefit from growing hemp and as we empower them, we empower ourselves. BOHECO Life insists on Fair Trade methods and the education and upliftment of all our agricultural partners.


How can Hemp help our environmental crisis?
  • According to the United Nations our unsustainable food choices have been causing more harm to the planet than our use of cars, buses, trucks, ships and planes, combined! Hemp requires less water, no pesticides, has soil remedial properties, removes 5 times more Carbon-dioxide from the air and can make almost everything that can be made from trees. Growing hemp reduces water and soil pollution, limits soil erosion, helps restore soil properties, and can save our precious trees!


Why is Hemp a great source of nutrition?
  • The Hemp plant is not just a nutritional powerhouse, it is the plant kingdoms most sustainable and versatile resource. It means you’re never going to run out of the most balanced source of nutrition from the lap of nature. Hemp seeds provide you with a great source of premium quality plant-based protein, Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3+6, Edestin protein, Calcium, iron, potassium, Vitamins E + B’s, Minerals and dietary fibres.