The Luscious Pack

The Luscious Pack

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Disclaimer: This is an ayurvedic plant-based product. Individual results may vary depending on your lifestyle, diet, health condition and body type.
Hemp Seed Oil - 500ml
Hemp Hearts - 500g
Rustic Art Cypress Hemp Oil Shampoo Butter


Give your hair care routine a touch of nature's care. Here's a pack that will have you looking good and feeling stronger. The Cypress Hemp Oil shampoo butter is rich in butter, essential oils, vegetable oils & glycerin. This will help cleanse, hydrate & moisturize the scalp keeping your hair nourished, healthy and shining. Carefully handpicked from the Himalayas this nutritional powerhouse is now placed at your table. The benefits of Hemp Hearts have been paired with Hemp Seed Oil which is rich in omegas. A combination that will keep your muscles lean while also taking care of your hair, skin, eyesight and cardiovascular health.


While you work to stay in shape don’t compromise on our internal health and external wellbeing. A combination of 30 gms Hemp Hearts and 30 ml Hemp Seed Oil will help keep you fit while also nourishing you and keeping your skin and hair glowing!


In a cool dry place, away from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.


Hemp- A Graded Good
GMP, Non-GMO, No Preservatives, Plant-based, 100% Vegan.


You are one of the first few in India to include Hemp in your lifestyle and we would like to congratulate you on making the right choice for yourself and the planet. We request your patience while we prepare to deliver this Himalayan goodness to you within the next 7 days.


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The Luscious Pack

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The Luscious Pack

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