"I consume BOHECO Life products at least thrice a week."
- Vijaya Nayak

I consume BOHECO Life products at least thrice a week.- Vijaya Nayak

Name: Vijaya Nayak

Profession: Clinical Nutritionist (Msc. Human Nutrition)

Social handle: @nutrivention

Her Hemp Story:  The one that involves using the versatility of hemp hearts in my day to day routine. My most favorite being its nutty raw taste in my post-workout almond-cacao shake as it serves to be a great source of plant-based protein. It fits right in with its crunch in my raw-vegetable salad, on the go homemade energy bites and blends well in desserts as well.  Hemp is one stop for a wholesome source of nutrition, are the products worth your buck? I, for one, use them at least thrice a week and source them when my pack is half-empty! Considering it’s organic, non-GMO and power-packed with healthy fats- it is one superfood that stands worthy of its reputation!