"Hemp is a great source of protein, much needed for my muscle strength and recovery."
- Nishriin Parikh

Name: Nishriin Parikh

Profession: Founder of Yogasstrength Warriors, International Model and Fitness

Physique Athlete. GNC brand ambassador.

Social Handle: @nishriinparikh

Her Hemp Story: Hemp in seeds or ground form has been a prime part of my supplement as it’s a really great source of complete protein which I need for my muscle strength and recovery. I mix my ground hemp seed powder with my GNC whey protein to get more complete macronutrients as hemp contains a good amount of soluble fibre and essential oil too.
It’s expensive but totally worth the bucks coz what it does to my physique. I am 53 and train hard and eat right. Check out my profile on Instagram and Facebook and you can see why I am a Pro Hemp user.