Conversations on Cannabis and Beyond: Kimberley Candid with Yash Kotak

How the right food can heal!
Kimberley Esteves, Nutritionist & Health Coach had a candid conversation with Yash Kotak, Co-Founder & Director of BOHECO. Here are the highlights of the whole conversation.


Yash Kotak: Were you always this conscious of your wellbeing or was there a moment when you realized this is something you needed to do?
Kimberley: Growing up I would eat what was given to me & when in college I consumed what tasted good irrespective if it was good for me or not. The turning point was when I was at the peak of my modelling career. My body had had enough, my skin started to break out which was a big blow to my confidence. It was then that I realized things had to change especially where my food was concerned :)
Yash Kotak: What drives you to help people achieve personal well-being?
Kimberley: My own personal journey with health. I was so lost & needed direction. I didn’t get that seeking out professional help. And so today my happiness & fulfilment comes from helping people like I once was, understanding their body’s signs and signals, and giving them that direction. 
Yash Kotak: You make some of the healthiest yet yummy recipes, what’s your inspiration?
Kimberely: Simplicity. Through my journey with nutrition, I’ve learned that you don’t need fancy ingredients to make a dish delicious or nutritious :)
Yash Kotak: What’s your favourite cheat meal, do you have one?
Kimberley: French Fries!! Haha.. some things don’t change, loved them growing up. Today I make my own homemade fries with sweet potato as a healthier option. They are yummy!
Yash Kotak: Your take on Cannabis, how do you see if fitting into people’s lives?
Kimberley: Cannabis is a versatile plant in my opinion. Inflammation is ubiquitous in our lives today and having anti-inflammatory balm-like cannabis can work wonders at keeping inflammation under control.
Yash Kotak: Do you think Cannabis will be a gamechanger?
Kimberley: Cannabis has a lot to offer. It has many healthy promoting properties. It’s not restricted to one. From women’s health to it being an anti-inflammatory, to digestive health, skin health & even mental health. It had its roots in Ayurveda for ages & I’m so glad it’s finally back :)
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