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  • Homegrown CBD

    BOHECO Life launches CannaReleaf™

    The wait for CBD in India is finally over, we’re bringing back the ancient Ayurvedic miracle! When we set out to harness the full potential of thi...
  • Hemp Seed Powder - A Vegan protein powder that contains Edestin !

      The choicest of hemp seeds that are crushed and powdered into green earthy goodness! Hemp Seed Powder is a 100% vegan protein powder which has a...
  • Hemp Health & Nutrition - Set to Revolutionize your diet plans !

      Have you ever wondered about how people living in the Himalaya’s are healthier, stronger and happier? The Himalayan Mountain range has not just ...
  • Hemp Seed Oil - Nature’s multipurpose miracle for Hair and Skin !

      Precious little hemp seeds that are carefully selected and cold-pressed - you might wonder, how can this simple concoction keep you glowing on t...
  • At the Heart of Hemp - All you need to know about Hemp Seed Nutrition

      Did you know that people were using hemp seed nutrition, for as far as history can remember?  Hemp in India traces its very origin back to the f...

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